SYLVAN BEACH AMUSEMENT PARK, 112 Bridge Street, Sylvan Beach, NY 13157

Phone: 315-762-5212

Description: Rides, games and food is everything an amusement park can offer. But with Sylvan you have the additional leisure of soaking in the sun on a beach towel by the water; whether you’re reading a book or relaxing until sunset. This small, fun theme park offers nothing but all-day family fun and relaxation.

DARIEN LAKE, 9993 Allegheny Road, Darien Center, NY 14040

Phone: 585-599-4641

Description: Darien Lake is New York’s largest water & theme park for family enjoyment and vacations. You can experience roller coasters as high as 208 feet and rides that can toss you around at 80 miles per hour; or if water is your go-to during the hot summer days, you can slide down some of the park’s fastest water rides or hang out in Hook’s Lagoon.

THUNDER ISLAND PARK, 21 Wilcox Road, Fulton, NY 13069

Phone: 315-598-8016

Description: If water parks, go-karts and food are on your summer to-do list, a short drive to Thunder Island in Fulton, NY is ready for you to raid their park all summer long. With attractions like swirling down Black Water Tunnel or showing your speed off in Formula 1 and Grand Prix Go-Karts, Thunder Island is dedicated to making your visit a blast from sunrise to sunset.

STERLING RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL, 15385 Farden Road, Sterling, NY 13156

Phone: 315-947-5783

Description: The Sterling Renaissance Festival gives you more than a history lesson. Filled with street performers, actors and more, this festival recreates the English Renaissance village Warwick, England in the year 1585. Enter the world of Renaissance and enjoy activities such as Archery or feast with the royal kings and queens around you.  

ENCHANTED FOREST WATER SAFARI, 3183 State Route 28, Old Forge, NY 13420

Phone: 315-369-6145

Description: Another one of New York’s largest theme parks takes the award for the combination of amusement park and water. Enjoy over 50 rides, exciting games, storybook themes characters, or host a birthday party. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you choose because Water Safari has something for all ages.

SEABREEZE PARK, 4600 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 14622

Phone: 585-323-1900

Description: Seabreeze, located off Lake Ontario, has the ability to give you a memorable experience for the summer. You can enjoy some time in the sun with their variety of adult and kiddie rides, shopping and more to make you saunter away in happiness. Don’t forget, it is only a short drive so whenever you leave you’ll have plenty of time for family shenanigans.